Whyn Burae

A "Shocker" of an Experience

Feed the Dead Festival Turns Somewhat Literal

The following is a journal entry recently uncovered from a book known as "Stein’s Journal… Italics indicates information added by the poster.

Well me compatriots and I were given some rewards for ridding Whyn Burae of a temple to that fake god Orcus. What was the big deal? It was some low rent opposition that fell easily to me and me brother’s hammers. But what the heck I got a good craghammer out of it so all is good. Still have 28 days worth of free drinking on the good old Duke so I intend to take full advantage of it.

When we were finished that no good son of the Duke asked us to go off someplace as part of his retinue. Why would I go with him? All he is good for is looking down that beak he calls a nose at the people who do all the work while he accepts the accolades. There is not enough brew in all the land for me to follow him anywhere

Vanity also offered something and we were about to set off in that direction when we ran across this big fellow with a sword beating up anybody or anything that was close enough to him. Well I started in on him and though I had him occupied but he ignored me. That was a bad move for him because everytime he tried to do something I smacked him again. I put him down no less than 3 times basically on me own because the dang blasted thing decided to impale me brother on a sword he stuck in the wall of one of the buildings. He also skewered 2 more party members on the sword blade Finally after the 3rd time he fell he did not get up. This time I made sure he was not getting up as I ripped the mask off his face. More of those blasted blue crystals…

So we are about to leave the area when the shadowy figure, who ended up being a minotaur priest of Orcus shows up with about 6 zombies. Well after the crap he pulled under the porter’s guild warehouse I decided he needed to be relieved of his heartbeat and was prepared to attack. Unluckily for him our newest party member Xasia disemboweled him with an improvised weapon. A couple smacks later and one of his zombies exploded, TOLD YA magic is good for nothing as it seems the dark magic he was using to animate the zombies also provided him with health when he ran low. Took us but a few moments to take out the trash and finish off the priest.

All I wanted to do was have a nice quick fight then spend the night drinking again but NOOOOOO … we took the bodies of the first guy and the minotaur to the military ward and demanded entrance to see either dukey boy or Vanity. Eventually that young colonel The colonel’s name is actually Captain Roland came out and asked us to follow him.

He led us to see Vanity and when I started asking questions she decided we needed to go see someone else. Off we go on another walk through the maze of corridors, do they think they can get me lost? I am a dwarf for crying out loud and we dwarves understand that type of stuff better than they do! Anyhow after 13 left hand and 14 right hand turns we ended up at this door that was obviously magically locked. GAH HOW I DESPISE MAGIC!

In that room was this odd character The eladrin wizard Moytra who began speaking about things that were just mumbo jumbo. Why don’t they just tell me who I need to go eliminate to remove the threat so I can go do it? All this thinking is giving me a headache.

After we are done talking to this new character, whatever it’s name was, we talk to Vanity and she seems to believe that one of the Duke’s disinherited family members might have some answers. The wimps in the group wanted to go knock nicely on the door in the daylight hours but me brother and me know that is not how to do it so we started just blasting down doors.

Several doors, some steps a couple empty rooms and a fake wall later we find some fun. Obviously whoever was faster on the draw between Ramm and I will get to the fun first. This time it was me and I charged in on the two nasties I could see. When I did that 2 more nasties became evident to us to my right. I quickly tell Ramm where the other nasties are. Pin Cushion found the last of the nasties in the corner to the left as soon as you enter the room.

The battle is on!!!!!! One of the two nasties I am fighting must have had some odd magical power as he seemingly split into 2 and suddenly I am fighting 3 at one time. Ahhhh the fun of having 3 nasties to scar and get scars from. They gave me a couple good ones but I gave more than I received and quickly I was only facing 2. Then I was only facing 1 and that last one did not last long.

Meanwhile me brother is enjoying himself against a big old slow nasty. He was wiping the floor with the nasty. One of the nasties that Ramm was going to teach how to fight went poof and ended up next to Balt and Alfred. Pin Cushio was doing much better and was holding her own against the one nasty she found.

Slowly the nasties near the others became more and more weakened and we were able to finish taking out the last of them.

But we are now faced with this gruesome sight of a mutilated lady hanging upside down from chains on a dias that had multiple blue gems inlaid in the wall behind it. The lady appears to be alive but based on the contortions she just went through I am not so sure if she really is or not. She started to say something but I am not sure what that something was.

Monsters Killed = 1 Gem Empowered local butcher, 1 Priest of Orcus and his 6 Zombie Minions, 4 Orcs, 1 Psionic Shade, and a Bugbear Fanatic



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