Whyn Burae

A Summit at Farhill or The Chase Begins?

Stein is back to give us his unique insight again, as it pertains to the parties most recent endevors!

Why Me?

Well it appears the group has appointed me their leader. Why me? What have I done to deserve to lead the group? Oh well such is the life of a dwarf I guess, we are natural born leaders. Many a good dwarf has lead people to greatness. Me brother Ramm must have felt the heavy hand of responsibility upon him when they went down into that hole.
On the other hand Elcin and me determined that the escapee from our battle in the ambushers camp needed to be handled so we took off after the escapee. Elcin is really a good tracker, gotta give the lass credit for keeping us on track to find and eliminate the escape. She was able to help us make up ground and shortly before dark on the 2nd day of her tracking we found the makeshift camp the escape had made.
Dang blasted spell user was able to keep me guessing where they were but not Elcin, what is it with that lass. She just seems to know where they are and her arrows rang true taking the escapee down. A quick search of the camp and the escapee and we found the following note.

Your lack of progress is troubling. I have sent this wizard to help finish destroying the wards, when it is done, dispose of him. Due to your failures I am forced to take the Blades north without the key. As soon as you have it, you and your men will bring it to us. And just in case you feel inclined to change the plans, remember what happened to your precious children. Your pain will be a thousand thousands times what they suffered before He is done with you. You have 5 days….

So it seems the escapee’s name was Cerwyx. What kind of a name is that? No matter there is one less Cerwyx in the world thanks to Elcin’s tracking and arrows. Wonder who this Ven character was talking about when he mentioned “this wizard”
When we came back to where the group was last they were not anywhere to be found, this was troubling as not only Ramm was missing but also me other brother Mauer (not that I would miss Mauer and his ramblings about Moradin). Once again it was Elcin who noticed something. She thought she heard some sounds from underground. So I started trying to get the rubble off the entrance to the underground and started shouting for our companions who apparently felt the need to go chasing somebody or something underground.

It was then that I heard Ramm or somebody saying something about beer, ahhh me favorite thing. A good beer will make even the worst day seem like paradise, the quality of the flavor and the texture of the head… Oh sorry got to day dreaming there for a minute.
Anyhow we were able to get the rest of the group out of the hole and made our way to Farhill Keep. Skumbag was right, that place is bristling with defenses. It appears they are hiding something they consider to be militaristically important to me. That place has at least one army there. They have more artillery there than many cities I have seen on the frontier.
As we were on our way in to see if we could find some hint of what is going on there, well that is what the rest of me companions appeared to be wanting to do. I was just wanting to get rid of Mauer, we met up with some new people who were sent by others to look for us. One is an elven namby pamby who has a name that is just too difficult to pronounce let alone spell and the other a shifter by the name of Dune. These two seem to be healing types. Now I do not see eye to eye with Mauer but he is me brother and I have not seen a healer better than Mauer so these two have some big shoes to fill in the healing department. Afterall somebody has to keep Puff and this new wizard, hmmmm the group picked this new wizard up at the scene of the last big battle, who seems to love making fires from taking too much damage. Ramm and me can take care of ourselves.
While we were talking suddenly a couple riders came out of nowhere and were shouting something. But just a few seconds behind came the bulette that was after them. I will not go into the details of what happened to the riders but it was not a pretty sight.

Now I ain’t never seen a bulette up close and personal before but I did not let that stop me. Me and Ramm ran off into the fight immediately. The fight was fun and gratifying as the group took down the bulette. Bah! Another of those blue gems! This time the new namby pamby started acting like he wanted to examine it. Well I threatened him with losing his hand and actually had to tackle him to prevent him from touching itl Dang stupid idiots! Why do I seem to attract people who trust magic far too much for my own good.

Anyhow after the fight I pulled out the letter again and reread it. Things just were not making sense, who was the wizard that was supposed to be helping this Cerwyx character? What is this key the author, Ven, was talking about. Sure would be nice to know what the heck that is. Afterall it appears this Ven character is headed out with his minions, the Blades, to use said key for something. Dang it, I hate puzzles when I am not fully aware of what the pieces of the puzzle are.

Then it struck me, Ven said they were doing something in 5 days and it had been 3 days since Cyn and I chased down this Cerwyx character. The new guys had mentioned seeing a halfling and a eladrin who were “scary” looking and that these people headed NW out of the area the day before. Dang it! They had a 1 day head start on us and they are the Blades!
So I announces to the group that we are headed north. Cyn immediately backed the decision. Balt now known as Puff was his usual quiet self. Ramm figured he had nothing better to do and decided going with his brother was better than sitting around. The new wizard said nothing. The other two new guys started to argue with me about it but I just announced again we are going north and started gathering me gear to take off after the Blades.
We started after them and shortly into the first day we found some tracks, I asked Elcin to see if she could stay with our quarry and is typical of her she was able to help us keep up. We found one spot where there was a battle and was approaching the site when we were suddenly attacked by a group of wolves. The wolves were no match for us and were quickly put down. Now some of me group wanted to stop and rest but I knew we did not have the luxury of stopping, we had to keep pushing through as much as we could if we hoped to catch up to the blades.
Later in the day we found another site of battle, this time we saw a horde of rats scavenging on the remains of the site. This time rather than wasting time and energy I decided we should just go around the battle site. The rats were wary of us but did not bother us as we went past.
Eventually we came to the point where we could not continue following the Blades because it was dark. So we made camp. I set the watch with Ramm taking first watch, Puff second, Elcin third and meself last watch. About the time the watch switched from Puff to Elcin there was some sort of disturbance. Puff woke Elcin up who woke me up immediately. Knowing we have been gaining ground I wanted to keep moving so off we went towards the area of the disturbance.
We eventually made it to a location where the tracks became mixed with the tracks of humanoids. Elcin was able to determine that our quarry went around a tunnel we found. I was not going to go off on a wild goose chase into the tunnel even though given the fact that there were humanoids more than likely in the tunnel it is not our quarry so around the hill that contained the tunnel we went.
The day started uneventful with Elcin continuing to track our quarry but we did have a bit of fun.
We were entering an area with a series of hills and cliffs on our left and I just senses something was up. Then I saw it. There was an ogre who was very poorly trying to hide in a gully between two rises. I am sure others in the group spotted the ogre as he was doing a very poor job of trying to hide.
Ramm and I in our normal method just charged up to the ogre and laid a pretty good wallop on it. I knocked the ogre down and me brother smacked him a good one. Fortunately for us when we charged up we found the rest of the group that had laid an ambush. There were 3 total in that gully, a eladrin magic user (gah how I hate magic) on one hill and two archers straight ahead of the rest of the party.
The battle was on! I won’t bore you with the details of the entire battle but when all was said and done we ended up killing 4 archers, the eladrin, the ogre and 3 melee types. The eladin was the trickiest as she seemed to be able to move around invisibly. Gah how I hate magic!
Now one thing that I found curious was that she said something about my master? Odd, me have a master? Not since I was a little lad have I had a master. Bah, just an eladrin mind game.
Now we sit in the aftermath of the battle and I cannot help but pull out the letter again. Who is this Ven character? What is/was the key? I do not recall anything that we acquired that could be called a key. Maybe the group found something when I was off chasing Cerwyx with Elcin?
I also just noticed that this Ven character used the formal use of the word He. Someone has some power over Ven. Whoever He is has Ven referring to him as a master. One does not use that kind of formalization unless one owes fealty to the person you are talking about. Whoever He is Ven has sworn some sort of fealty to him. Once I catch up to Ven if he is lucky enough to survive the battle I will be sure that he tells me everything about He. If I find out that He is in any way related to the Duke’s family it will just give me even more reason to take the family down one by one.



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