Whyn Burae

The Devil In Distress

In their second game session, the party finds itself starting out deep in the bowls of one of many military buildings within Whyn Burae. After gathering info from some of their fellow rescuers, and delivering a report of their experience below the halls of the Orge Lord Direfang, the party (or more specifically Stein, along with Ram, Mad Dog, A dragonborn who calls himself Balthazaar but who’s name is evidently not Balthazaar, and Elcin) set out to partake in the spoils of their successful rescue. Drinking, followed by more drinking, followed by much more drinking, brings the party to the steets of Whyn Burae, late at night, and heading towards the cities infamous northern quarter known to locals as “The Depths”. But before they can make their way to the “Drunken Ogre Tavern”/Brothel/Gambling Hall/ hmmm… what else is there", the party hears a cry in the night.

Following the sound down a side street, and then into a dead ending alley, the group comes upon a group of thugs assaulting a Tiefling woman they recognized as one of their fellow “rescuers”. The thugs, lead by a man the party dubs “Prince Charming”(who says he was planning on coming after the PC’s when he was done with the Tiefling) attack, mostly unsuccessfuly, except for a couple of roof top archers who briefly turn Elcin into a pin cushion. After dispatching Prince Charming, and healing up the Tiefling, the woman reveals her name as Vanity, and says that Prince Charming is actually a man named Durran, who evidently runs a struggling porters guild located within the Depths.

Vanity tells the party that the thugs were looking for an “Urn”, though she is not certain why. The party finally reaches the Drunken Ogre, where propriator Skumbag Buttknuckler breaks open a keg and Ram and Mad Dog encounter a pair of men wearing porter’s guild cloaks. After roughing up one of the men, the party made its way to the porter’s warehouse. Upon arriving they find that the place has already been broken into, and smashing sounds are drifting up from the lower level. Investigation reveals a lone figure holding a torch, who was watching a lumbering crystilian animate bashing on a wall. Upon engaging the pair, the animate was quick to put Ramn in a bear hug that crushed the dwarf into unconcisiouness. Mad Dag was able to quickly get Rahm back in the fight, while Stien was repeatedly thrown by the torchbearer whom exibited strength far beyond what he appeared cappable of. Elcin peppered the man with arrows, but rather than doing him any harm, it appeared that most of the damage was transfered instead to the golem. Bal discovered that his thunder and lightning elemental spells seemed to have the greatest effect on the golem with the damage appearing to effect the man. After a hard fought battle, the man seemed to nearly explode, and the golem collapsed into a pile of goo. Soon after the party discovered a hidden secret door that revealed a lift leading deeper below the warehouse. The party also found that the torchbearer had 3 small blue gems sewin into his spine.

After being interupted in their attempt at an extended rest by what was apparently a number of people arriving (some of whom fell down stairs that Mad Dog had rigged with a trip wire) and killing a few more thugs, the party desended the lift shaft and discovered a strange temple dedicated to Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead. From a ledge high above the temple floor, the party was mocked by a hidden follower of the demon. From a pool of blood 4 mishappened zombie like creatures emerged, and from a ledge near the back of the temple, a group of cultist artillerymen assaulted the party with arrows and exploding balista bolts. During an epic fight, reactionary damage played a key roll, in both destroying the zombies, and causing further bloodshed to the party. Victory was finally achieved just as a group of town guards came down the lift. The mysterious figure on the ledge evidently escaped.

As the game session began to come to a close, the party was escorted to a wagon, where they were greeted by Vanity, and the prisoner that they had rescued way back at the end of the first session. He now revealed himself to actually be Albos Bardin, the Duke’s son!

Killed: 10 Thugs (mostly human), 2 Bandit Leaders, A spindly man and his golem companion, 4 Cultist Artilerymen, 4 Deathspew Zombies

Treasures (Not all monetary rewards are listed): (2) Level 3 Magical Weapons, (1) Level 3 Magic Implement, (1) Level 4 Magical Weapon, 3 small blue gems, a cut onyx, a good bit of gold.



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