Whyn Burae

The Fate of Lybar

After a party shake up, the group encounters skeletal parishiners, waterlogged zombies, and a ghastly spell caster in the remains of a long lost town.

After dispatching the bandits, and searching through the camp, the party discovered another person, who had hidden himself inside one of the structures. The new man was a mage, whom had evidently been paid to come to the sight to help with breaking the enchantments on a door the bandits had excavated. Having no affiliation with the bandits, and always looking for ways to further his craft, the mage joined in with the group. It wasn’t long after this that another group approached, evidently drawn by the sound of the battle. This new group was mostly made up of dwarves, and to the shock of Stein, his and Ram’s brother Mauer was amongst this group. For reasons that you’d have to ask Stein about, Stein immediately set out with Elcin to track down a tiefling bandit that had slipped away near the end of the combat.

To top it all off, Ramm arrived on the scene a bit later, a Monk who had been sent by Wollen was with him. After swapping some info, it was decided that Mad Dog the Artificer would return to Farhill Keep with the group of dwarves, and Mauer would stay with Ram, Balthizar, the student monk, and the new Mage, who consequently had the name of Mad Dog the Fire Mage. The group as it were, desired to find out what exactly was underneath the door that had been found within what appeared to be the top of a ruined structure.

Once access was gained, the party climbed down to discover that they appeared to be in some sort of ancient bell tower. Through a set of doors at the base of this tower, the party discovered a ruined chapel. Strange visions of death and bloodshed assaulted them, as well as skeletons intent on making the party permanent residents. In the end the skeletons were dispatched, in no small part thanks to Mauer’s radiant magic, and Mad Dog’s fire spells. Mauer and the monk also cleansed the profaned alter to Pelor located within the chapel.

Outside of the chapel, the party found a buried city, where in water had cut several passages and chambers that provided access to some of the other structures long buried beneath the earth. In a waterlogged chamber, with a partially buried tower in the middle, the party came across a number of undead, which included several zombies, 2 shrieking and spell flinging ghosts, and a wraith like monster that could pass through walls. Fighting was fierce and everyone played a part in helping to dispatch the enemies, but not before one of the ghosts opened up a hole in the ceiling near the front of the chamber that caused water to come rushing in at an alarming rate.

The party sought shelter in the tower’s upper reaches, where they found an old lab of sorts. They also came across a journal (see the item’s Tab) and a strange devise that seemed to be designed to keep items suspended in time, but that actually teleported items placed within it to the center of the room after a visit to an unknown location. Thanks to Balthazar’s ability to fly, and some clever strategies, the party was eventually able to escape the cavern and backtracked pasted the chapel and into a new part of the village.

Finding a rather large and important looking building, the party entered and soon had undead coming at them from every direction. Skeletons, Ghouls, and a powerful, 4 armed monstrosity came at them. Even as they appeared to be getting the upper hand a spell casting undead joined in the fray. The party had to fall back and regroup, but thanks to the group working together, they soon found themselves on the winning side of things. Within the tower, the party found what seemed to be the source of most of the undead power. A small stone on an ensorcelled pedestal, with mummified bodies laid around it. Taking the stone, they moved upstairs, and found the trapped spirit of a woman who seems to have been the same woman who wrote the journal. Mauer was eventually able to free her from her soul prison, and for doing so, the party was given a token of Pelor’s appreciation. With one more set of stairs to climb, we left the party until the next game.

Highlights of Monster’s Killed – Shadow Infused Skeletons 6, Lesser Haunts 2, Ghouls 3, Lesser Tomb Guardian 1, Shadow Infused Spell Wight 1

Selection of Treasure – Level 7 Magical Sword, Necrosis Stone, Journal with Ritual Included within it.



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