• Dune


    A Shaman from the Broken Lands to the north, this shifter uses his spirit companion to both harm foes, and aid his fellow party members.
  • Rham


    Stien's Brother, together they are the party's front line of defense against the evil's of the Storm Coast. He wields a Mordenkrad when he rages into battle, charging his enemies with reckless abandon!
  • Stein


    Stein, a Dwarven Battlerager, values only 2 things. Glory in combat, and finding the best brew out there. Left too his own devices, Stein would likely do nothing but drink and fight, and not neccessarily in that order...
  • Albos Bardin

    Albos Bardin

    Son of the Duke, he was rescued recently by members of the party.
  • Duke Artuzz Bardin

    Duke Artuzz Bardin

    The current, and aged Duke of Whyn Burae. He is rarely seen anymore, leaving extended family, and rarely one of his surviving childen, to tend to public business.
  • Moytra Yestilan

    Moytra Yestilan

    Arcane advisor to the Military in Whyn Burae, this Eladrin Wizard, unlike others of her race, seems more at home within the stone walls of the city, than the natural beauty of the forests.
  • Skumbag Buttknuckler

    Skumbag Buttknuckler

    One would be hard pressed to find a more vile representation of the seedy underbelly of Whyn Burae than Skumbag.
  • The Reaper

    The Reaper

    A Mysterious Entity from Millenia's Past
  • Vanity


    Vanity, a tiefling, is the Matron of the Moonshadow Merchant House, whom are based within Whyn Burae, but whose influences are felt far beyond the cities borders. The party certainly seems to have found a powerful aquaintence in her.
  • Wollen


    Wollen is a Goliath Monk/Psion who runs a small training school within Whyn Burae.