Journal of Nieem Varrik

This journal is old, and many of it's pages have fallen to dust, but what remains holds clues to the fate of the Lost Town of Lybar.

The following are a selection of passages from the journal of Nieem Varrik. While many of the passages paint the picture of a carefree girl, the later entries become a frantic and frieghtened look at a town on the brink of destruction.

“Could it be possible? Could the Dragonkin armies really have broken through the Walls of Rexia? Kalez is preaching to anyone that will listen that we should all head for Whyn Burae before they close the gates. For some reason he has the council’s ear, and many in town seem to be listening to his ravings of doom and bloodshed. But if the rumors are true, and the Arkhosian’s have broken through the wall…”

“Pelor save us! It is true! The elders of Whyn Burae have closed the gates, and now there are whispers that they aren’t just consorting with devils, but they are making pacts with them, just as they did in Bael Turath. Kalez says the Dragonborn now march unchecked through the Silverspear Highlands, and who will stop them? The cities have the wealth and power to summon devils to protect them, but what hope does Lybar have?”

“Surely the Storm Coast is lost… Uncle Nathaniel got word to mother that even Vor Rukoth has given into the Devils. Lady Najala herself walks the streets openly arm and arm with them. If the Crowning Port has resorted to this, then surely Kalez is right…. He left today, with Omore’s band, they say they will go to the Dark Hills, to the Reaper’s City, to try and find some way to protect Lybar.. but at what cost?”

“What manner of Evil has Kalez brought upon us? He gathers his “believers” each night.. In Pelor’s church no less!.. and they do, horrible things. The people who speak out against him? They are “cast out”, or so Kalez and the remaining council claim. But no amount of lying can make the screams disappear in the night, or the purple glow coming from the council’s tower…”

“Pelor have mercy on me.. Tonight I will go and face Kalez and his “believers”. I know I will not go alone. Pelor will be with me. They were never coming here… The armies, the Dragonborn. Whyn Burae may not be safe yet, but already refugees of Vor Rukoth have come through this way. They would rather face the orcs of the Skelrothins, than the devils the elders of the great cities have unleashed. Certainly Kalez has taken his share of victims from their ranks… But today, when a woman spoke up in the square.. when she shouted and screamed how the Dragonborn armies were decimated at the hands of Lady Najala’s Devils. When she told all that would listen about how the devils had then turned on the city itself. Of how the people themselves, both noble and peasant have been turned devilish, growing horns and tails. Just as she was starting to get people to listen, just as some were starting to see that we could stop all this madness. Kalez murdered her, right in the middle of the square. Right in front of everyone, and no one raised a finger in protest…. That is why I will go tonight…. Pelor watch me…”


Journal of Nieem Varrik

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