Kalez's Ritual of Reversal

This Ritual, which at first glance seems very specific, becomes a much more useable ritual with just some minor tweeks.


Kalez’s Ritual of Reversal

Ritual Level 5

Key Focus: Arcana and Religion

Casting Time: 10 Minutes Normally (See Below)

Duration: See below.

Material Components: A vial (about 8oz.) of Sap from the roots of a Shadow Vise Creeper or a minimum of 400 gold worth of Resideum (Again See Below)


Though antiquated in its execution, and designed with a very specific purpose in mind (Reverse the effect of a device described as “A chamber of Stasis”, even those who are relatively new to the use of rituals can see that with only a couple of minor changes this ritual can be used to effect a much broader number of magical constructions. The ritual temporariliy reverses an effect produced by a magical devise or construction, including but not limited to the following; A magical trap, it would still go off but it wouldn’t cause damage; a One Way portal or door could be made to travel in the opposite direction (assuming its destination is accessible); a device or implement that normally causes or increases healing or damage could be made to do the opposite (A Rod of Recovery that instead causes Damage to its target); a chamber designed to focus power would instead drain power and so on. As written, and with a supply of the necessary components, the ritual will affect a devise of Level 15 or lower for 30 minutes. For every additional level (to a maximum of 21), or 15 minutes (to a maximum of 4 hours), that the caster wants effected, add 5 minutes to the casting time, and an additional oz. of sap, or 50 gold of Resideum. This ritual can actually be prepared ahead of time but requires 4 times the time in prepartion and 3 times the component cost. If this is done, the caster may utilize it as a standard action at any time prior to his or her’s next extended rest. Once a rest is taken, this “Prepared Casting” is lost.


Kalez's Ritual of Reversal

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