Whyn Burae

A Showdown with Ven, and crawling through the Necropolis.

The party catches up to Ven, much to his shagrin, and then begin pursuit of a mysterious Dark Elf through the ancient streets of a long dead city.

Fresh out of the fight with the Eladrin Spellcaster, the party encounters yet another one of the natural dangers present in the Dark Hills. 3 Rhimefrost Chimera, who appear to be in search of a quick meal thanks to all the dead combatants now lying about. Not wanting to leave these creatures to possibly attack another group, the party roared into battle and quickly dispatched the 2 young, and 1 older Chimera. After picking back up on the trail of Ven, Elcin notices that another group on horses seems to have very recently come by here. Somewhere during this exchange, Stein coxes the group into realizing that the Black Stone taken from the ruins of Lybar, is likely a Necrosis Stone and may infact be the “Key” that Ven is looking to have delivered. Rham reasons that if Ven is looking for this thing, that the group would do well to destroy it. So after a few well placed strikes of his hammer (and a couple of miss-placed ones as well) Rammm breaks the stone into dust.

As the party enters a dark, fog shrouded lowland, they find that the snow that is falling elsewhere seems to lessen within the fog. A number of hours of travel on foot brings the sudden sound of battle to the groups ears. Pressing forward the party finds a few combatants taking on a number of insectoid creatures. After a moment, the party recognizes Ravel (a rogue that was with Stein and Balt during the rescue from the Orge Stronghold), along with a human mage that had participated in the same rescue, and in the middle of the fray Xasia, the half-orc assasin that the party had as a companion for a short time back in Whyn Burae. After Krayst commands one of the larger bugs to jump to its doom, and Ravel and the mage meet violent deaths, the party is able to dispatch the rest of the swarm and save Xasia, who explains that she is looking to collect a bounty on Ven and that she assembled some other adventurers to help her. Stein gets what information he can from her before sending her away into the wilds. After a fitfull night of sleep, the party finally breaks out of the fog and comes face to face with Ven and his group (or what’s left of it) the Blades.

A shrouded companion of Ven’s reveals himself to be a Drow, who is just as scarred as Ven is, and whom accuses the party of being in league with the Master of Crystals. The Drow has an urn, and after a bit of banter, heads off with some orcs towards a distant mosuleum. The showdown between the party and the Blades is on. Ven’s 3 companions fail to impress much, as Stein breaks through to the Dragonborn Cleric, and Human Archer who are in the back rank, and proceeds to tear them apart. A dwarven fighter who goes head to head with Rahmn (literaly) sticks around a lot longer, but in the end, after taking out a few of the party, and getting Elcin to defend him for a moment, Ven is the last man (err Halfling) standing, and with the combined might of the party against him, he is quickly dead, burning up in the end until only a charred skull, with a back tooth missing is left.

The party eventually found their way undground into a great and expansive necropolis. At first following evidence left by the drow’s passage, and then pressing forword due to the awakening dead that came from all corners. A heroic river crossing, culminated in a battle in a run down chapel with a dragonborn vampire and a few of her minions.



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