The Seeking Urn

This old and slightly dented urn has what at first appear to be random etches running over its surface, but a closer examination reveals something more is at work...


The Seeking Urn

Level 10 Wonderous Item

Rarity: Uncommon, though the specifics of this particular urn makes it Rare

Minor Action: Requires an Arcana Check; The etchings that cover the urn swirl and sway until they collect together to show a representation of the area within a hundred feet or so (topigraphically viewed, and representing only solid objects more than a foot in thickness) with a large glowing red symbol of The Reaper in the center. Examination and experimentation has shown that the urn is mapping the area around the mysterious urn that the party has in their possession. It may be able to search for other, as of yet undiscovered urns, but the proximity of the Mysterious Urn seems to currently deter this.

This type of magic is not new, though it is typically used to investigate a slightly larger area, and most objects of this type are not showing the location of a particular object, so much as they are simply showing its current surroundings. It is unclear if this is “The Urn” that has been the focus of several attacks against the PC’s (By those seeking the urn) but it would seem likely.


The Seeking Urn

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